The Unfolding Self 7 Feb 2017

This week on “The Unfolding Self”, I am pleased to present Matthew Brown. Matthew is a 48 year-old man who was diagnosed with HIV in 1986. He’s navigated the complicated maze of medications, insurance and the societal attitudes for thirty years. He will share his experiences as he has learned to live with an illness that, at one time, was a sure death sentence. Matthew has seen many friends succumb to HIV. He will speak of those who have inspired him to keep going. He will speak also of the lessons he has learned and the wisdom he wants to pass on to others who have suffered in life.

Join us on the  on Tuesday, 7th of February at 11 AM EST. We look forward to sharing this broadcast with you. “The Unfolding Self” with your host, Dr. Anna K. Follow Dr. Anna K’s blog on The Huffington Post. You can reach her for private coaching sessions at

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