The Unfolding Self 31 January 2017

Thurayya Backour is a PR and Social Media professional who lives in Canada. Originally from Lebanon where she was involved with humanitarian work with the Red Cross, she worked for many years in Kuwait. She provided civic education and conflict resolution classes to Palestinian children, among others in Beirut. For much of her life she has advocated, and still does, for the rights of Palestinians to be treated fairly in Lebanon as well as throughout the world.

A few years ago Thurayya made the decision to begin the immigration process of bringing her two boys and husband to Canada. On this program she will discuss why she made the decision not to come to the United States. She will also discuss what it means to be Moslem in the 21st century and how to raise her children as Moslems in a western society. She will also discuss the challenges she faces as an ambitious Muslim woman who is married and the misconceptions the West holds about women in Muslim society.

Join us for what will be an interesting and open discussion as Thurayya gives us her view of what it means to be Muslim in the Western world.

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