Restorative Justice

We will learn more about the topic of Restorative Justice. This is not a new concept. Wonshe tells us it is part of Early American, Native American tradition. It is used in Rwanda as the “gechacha” courts to in part deal with the aftermath of the genocide there.

Wonshe is a Spiritual Midwife. She offers guidance and direction throughout life’s continuum. Also, as s a restorative justice practitioner she works to restore balance when harm is done. She sees herself as a weaver of life.

She brings a unique perspective to her art in that prior to earning two academic degrees, she studied oral traditions with Seneca and Iroquois elders and learned to to facilitate traditional talking circles. Wonshe has served as a midwife and had a busy midwifery practice on the Shenandoah Valley prior to moving to Colorado where she developed a restorative justice practice.

In addition to being a midwife, she has worked with homeless individuals, adults with cognitive disabilities, prisoners and others populations. Currently she works as the Congregational Life Coordinator for the Harrisonburg Unitarian Universalist Church and focuses on criminal justice reform and justice reinvestment in the Harrisonburg, community.

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