Embracing the Inner Child

From personal experience, Jake White discovered embracing his Inner Child was the key to wholeness. Through his own experiences he discovered the importance of reconnecting and learning how and why he continually stifled, doubted, and hindered his own creativity. From these practices came not only greater knowledge of himself but also, a greater understanding of how to work with others as a guide to helping them embrace their wholeness. Jake is passionate about the continued process of learning about the Inner Child, and about creating practices, conversations, and community around truly loving and supporting ourselves unconditionally.
The owner of Jake White Healing LLC, Jake offers private Energy Medicine Sessions, as well as classes, talks programs, and workshops to assist individuals embrace their own journey for healing. Join Jake and I this week on “The Unfolding Self”, as we explore this fascinating topic. Remember! You can call in questions on 855.856.1389
We are on
www.bbmglobalnetwork.com on Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST. This is The Unfolding Self with your host Dr. Anna K.

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