Doran Hamm……

Doran Hamm was born and raised in Brattleboro, VT to a lovely hippie couple who raised him surrounded by art, music and theater. Through his parents he was exposed to many spiritual traditions. Bitten with the desire to know and to experience he took his first international travel trip at the age of twenty. This first trip lasted several months. He has since lived in Italy, Australia, Thailand, India and the Caribbean. He has taught children’s theater in six countries. He started meditation at the age of eighteen. Meditation is a major component of his life and inspired Doran to become involved in the world of healing and massage. He has just returned from a trip to study massage and where he engaged in children’s theater. In part, this trip was funded by GoFundMe. Doran has volunteered his talents in a wide variety of countries. He will share with us how he became involved at such a young age, and what continues to motivates him not only to explore his inner but also his outer world.

Join us on this fascinating journey with Doran at at

11 AM EST on Tuesday, 10 January 2017. Once again The Unfolding Self with your host Dr. Anna K brings you fascinating individuals who work to bring clarity and wisdom to others

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